The Fine Print

You're a day maker A breath taker Seriously, take it all, I'm yours if you want me Asking how I can stand you When I’m pretty sure I should be asking that question and I have more- How long will it last? Tell me please Where you sit now, are you comfortable? Do you fit?... Continue Reading →


Dear Mr. A

I almost wrote a sappy poem About how my heart would break And yours too, 'cause we let it In fact, I got three stanzas in but then I scrapped the whole page And then I came to my senses and that's not for you babe I said I loved you and I meant every... Continue Reading →

Little Theif 

Darling dear please Just hold me one more moment before I go I find comfort in our time spent Stolen from somewhere, not from you surely- but My head nestled upon your chest Im making decisions I'll regret Maybe I should end it now If you cant be honorable you better be strong the voice... Continue Reading →

This Little Light of Mine

It's not fair when you tell me you think I'm beautiful I don't care if you talked to her about how you felt for me for hours I'm afraid it's too little too late babe If you can't tell me the same fucking things your goddamn self I don't know what I'm doing here Waiting... Continue Reading →


Have you ever wanted something for so long Breathed it, wished it and dreamed it for so long until The universe and the stars align Have you ever held the very thing you’ve always lusted after like a velvet bag of blood diamonds in your palm Have you ever felt your heart sink For the... Continue Reading →

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